About Assentoft Aqua

Assentoft Aqua’s core competency is to design and supply landbased sustainable RAS fish farms.

We take pride in supplying a RAS fish farming facility which;

  • Produces the quantity of fish it was planned and designed for.
  • Are designed and dimensioned based on many years of practical RAS fish farming experience – built on proven and reliable RAS technologies.
  • Are designed with the utmost attention to production safety – with no possibility of stagnant water and accumulation of sludge (to avoid sulphur hydrogen formation).
  • Include sustainable solutions which are environmentally friendly, and does not pollute our nature.
  • Are delivered efficiently in close cooperating with our experienced project partner – Assentoft Silo.

In Assentoft Aqua we have an experienced team we would like you to meet ..

‘Assentoft Aqua’ works closely with ‘Assentoft Silo’ to design, draw, manufacture, supply, and install its RAS supplies.

ASSENTOFT SILO – a brief introduction

  • Has since 1941 been installing thousands of steel silos and other high quality tanks.
  • Shares the same ownership as Assentoft Aqua. Family owned, 3rd generation.
  • Many years of project experience – both from Denmark and larger projects abroad.
  • Extensive experience from supplying total solutions including both silos and feeding systems.
  • Supplies smaller and larger silo and tank projects for the industry and agricultural sector.
  • Has extensive experience in planning, designing, drawing, manufacturing and delivering projects.
  • Assentoft Silo was the turnkey supplier of our ModulRAS fish farm facility here in Denmark.


For more information about Assentoft Silo, please visit the homepage of Assentoft Silo

You can also read about ongoing projects on Assentoft Silo’s LinkedIn page

Assentoft Aqua