RAS Project Services

At Assentoft Aqua we regular receives RAS system inquiries, and to facilitate the process from idea to delivery of a RAS facility, Assentoft Aqua offers a diverse range of RAS Project Services, including;


Project Evaluation

  • Feedback on project proposal and overall project feasibility.
  • Advice on site selection and plant parameters, including requirements for water intake and discharge figures.
  • Production plan – based on project owners required production output, and our many years of landbased RAS production experience.
  • Design proposal with drawings (based on the agreed production plan).
  • CAPEX – budget overview of plant investment.
  • OPEX – budget overview of operational figures (based on production experience and local cost figures).


Project Services

  • Final production plan + detailed plant design (in close collaboration with customer).
  • System description – according to production plan and plant design.
  • Project management via time- and activity plans.
  • Manufacture and delivery of own RAS components + sourcing of components from third party equipment suppliers.
  • Monitoring/inspection of 3rd party deliveries: Building. Concrete structures. Piping and cabling.
  • Start-up and delivery of complete plant.
  • Documentation.
  • Operating our own RAS facility and through industry collaborations, Assentoft Aqua can offer RAS training courses for customers’ operational personnel.
  • Consulting – ongoing throughout the project period.


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