Reasons for choosing Assentoft Aqua

Why choose Assentoft Aqua for your RAS aquaculture project?

Over the past 40 years, the development of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) has made it possible to culture fish under completely controlled conditions – anywhere in the world.

The team at Assentoft Aqua has been involved in the development of RAS systems since the very beginning of the industry, and in several regions of the world.


With this know-how, Assentoft Aqua designs and supply landbased RAS fish farms with a focus on;

Fast Growth and Safe Production

  • Effective ozone and UV treatment of intake water – providing a firewall for safe production.
  • A design which effectively prevents the accumulation of sludge (which can lead to hydrogen sulphide formation).


  • New innovative solutions, based on know-how and extensive practical experience.
  • Patented state-of-the-art ‘RAS Water Treatment Module’ – an Assentoft Aqua innovation, built on proven technologies and concepts.
  • Patented ModulRAS system – with adjustable growth sections (for optimal fish densities) and integrated water treatment processes.


  • Minimizing land footprint, expensive concrete structures, and piping.
  • Fast installation times – with steel tanks as the basic component.
  • Energy optimized design for injection of oxygen and water circulation.
  • Low plant investment per ton of fish produced.


  • Extensive project evaluation services.
  • Ongoing advice – based on many years of experience and practical know-how.

At Assentoft Aqua we believe the project owner, or a local third party contractor, is the most economical and efficient solution for the following project tasks:

  • Groundwork and civil construction.
  • Buildings and other concrete structures.
  • Piping and cabling.

Innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable RAS fish farms are technology driven ..

Assentoft Aqua