Our RAS Technology

Assentoft Aqua designs and supplies innovative and cost-effective RAS systems for sustainable landbased fish farming.

A Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), is a low-impact aquaculture farming method, which has the potential to meet the world’s growing need for protein – but with a minimal impact on the environment.

Our systems are designed by in-house leading experts, and our technology is state of the art for fish production at the highest level of cost-efficiency.

A RAS system supplied by Assentoft Aqua is characterized by;

  • Having the lowest possible footprint – saving space, buildings, pipes.
  • Can be shipped in containers and installs fast by using steel tanks as the basic component.
  • Applies new and innovative solutions for optimized production and operational efficiency.
  • Has the best available water treatment within the industry.
  • Is highly automated – reducing labor costs to a minimum.
  • Low investment per produced ton of fish.


Assentoft Aqua can supply cost-effective RAS systems and operational support for a broad range of fish species.

Operating our own RAS facility in Denmark – and through industry collaborations – Assentoft Aqua can offer RAS training courses for customers’ operational personnel.

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To facilitate the process of getting from idea to project, Assentoft Aqua can help ..

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